Additional Data Services

Additional Data Services

Data acquisition

MIG works with many businesses and organisations to develop and execute multi-wave, customer acquisition projects. This involves online and offline data capture, database development and initial marketing contact with the newly acquired customer. Customer data enrichment is an integral part of this service including tagging with variables from databases held within the MIG business, appending email addresses and mobile telephone numbers.

MIG has a unique approach to data acquisition and enrichment based around a 12 month contracted period where we will guarantee to provide a specified number of contacts within the contract period.

Data capture

MIG also develops and manages data capture projects, systems and solutions for clients. The solutions can involve traditional in-store card data capture or sophisticated mobile, EPOS, kiosk or web-based data capture. MIG designs, manages, implements and supports data capture programmes on a turnkey basis.

Data profiling and data mapping

MIG utilises advanced consumer profiling and mapping techniques to enable the detailed profiling of an entire customer database or specific demographic population. We can define who your current customers are and find within specified geographies where similar prospects live driving effective customer acquisition strategies. Using these techniques we can, for example, provide detailed information related to the most appropriate position for new retail store or where populations of key consumer targets are within a given drive time for a specific retail offering.


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