Customer Data Validation

MIG uses a range of online tools and techniques to validate and clean customer data files accurately and reliably. The service is quick, reliable and available for UK and European customer databases.

The following filters are available:


Perhaps the most important and complex aspect of data hygiene processing is the way in which data is manipulated to establish a match-key both to identify/remove duplicates from your data but also to enable more effective use of the following filters.

PAF validation and repair

This tool will evaluate your postal addresses to ensure they are correct to the most up-to-date national address file.

Electoral roll validation

You can track individuals by matching to the latest electoral roll.

Data appending

Confirm and append/repair your telephone numbers (including ex-directory flagging) and even qualify or add mobile phone numbers (updated daily). Also allows you to validate addresses.

Gone away suppression

For the people who can’t be validated via the above filters, this list ensures that you don’t try to contact somebody known to have moved.

Deceased suppression

Prevents mail being sent to someone deceased.

Preference service suppression

Ensures any of your customers or prospects who are registered is identified prior to any marketing activity (mail, telephone and fax screening all available).

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