MIG was one of the first companies to produce digital brochures that were of sufficient quality to be used by consumer facing businesses as an integral part of their marketing mix.

Today, there are many digital brochure solutions that simply turn an existing piece of literature into a digital page turning format. Although we can, and do, provide this simple format, MIG has concentrated on adding value through advanced functionality and by understanding the mechanisms that influence a customer when they receive a digital brochure or magazine thereby maximising the sales and marketing yield from each brochure. In addition, our pioneering technology provides very fast loading of even the largest iBrochure or iMagazine coupled with smooth page transition to give the user the best possible brand experience.

We also offer a completely custom built iBrochure or iMagazine. This version of the product allows a client to dynamically and remotely update product copy, image, pricing and offers easily and quickly.

When combined with the unique on-board shopping cart, the MIG iBrochure provides an effective way of increasing average order value through improving up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.


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