The ISW is a patented MIG solution that delivers high impact digital information directly to a large format screen either positioned in a retail shop window or internally.

In simple terms, if used in a retail store window, the ISW operates either as a centrally controlled interactive digital display enabling customers to interact directly with the display to view items, drill to further information or even go online. Content is controlled centrally using advanced CMS. If necessary each ISW can have different content offers or interactivity at different times of the day or in response to local trading conditions.

The system can also be used internally to support team briefings, training, corporate or management communication, product or seasonal campaign launches, online surveys, temperature gauging of topical issues or simply as a means of creatively engaging with staff. Most importantly, the ISW solution will become an integrated part of a closed loop staff system consisting of web, intranet, database and verbal communications aimed at radically improving staff moral; loyalty and performance.

The same ISW content can be used with large screen projected formats or with touch screen kiosks or other smaller format digital touch screens – all come under the ISW umbrella. The ISW is an active participatory media that will support and enhance more passive communication approaches such as intranet based communications.

MIG will manage all aspects of the installation and commissioning of the ISW system including, if required, creative content provision. The ISW solution has been designed to enable installation and commissioning with minimal client involvement.


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