Debenhams Weddings iBrochure


Having worked with Debenhams since June 2005, the Marketing Innovation Group (MIG) recently launched Debenhams' annual Weddings iBrochure. This tactical iBrochure mirrors the brochure that is available in store and is used to drive online sales and raise awareness.

To improve the finesse and functionality of this iBrochure MIG implemented a 'How to' video to help provide a richer user experience.  The video ensures that viewers understand the functionality available within the iBrochure and how to make a purchase.

The Marketing Innovation Group has produced upwards of 18 iBrochures for Debenhams as part of their multi-channel marketing strategy. They are a good example of the functionality that MIG can implement for individual campaigns, including shopping lists, video, Send to a Friend and real time Top 10 products.

Debenhams broadcast their iBrochures via email campaigns and MIG can provide key statistics with real-time comprehensive reporting which tracks customers as they move through the iBrochure. Detailed information such as click-throughs, open rates and purchases can all be logged on the system and used to drive future marketing campaigns.

For more information on MIG's iBrochures please contact client services on 01565 653000 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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