Oz Clarke relaxes on the Havana set by Oceans


Oceans, the UK's leading outdoor furniture business was launched recently to the 'Cheshire set' at 'The event of the year' featuring Oz Clarke, Stacey Solomon, the IT girls and a host of especially selected guests at the Bentley showroom here in Knutsford. This was the first of what is planned to be many similar events devised by MIG and partners to target the high net worth members of the UK population.

There are 274,000 people who earn £150k or more per annum and 13,000 who earn £1m or more and they represent perhaps the most lucrative segment of the UK population for the majority of luxury brands and yet the majority of those brands know only a fraction of their potential market.

MIG is now working with a coalition of luxury brands to introduce what is mainly an online luxury offering to prospective consumers in future throughout the UK as part of a high quality lead generation programme. "Having built a high net worth database to promote what would have been the inaugural Liverpool boat show in May, we felt that we should put the ground work we had done, to good use and so devised a strategy to work with luxury brands across a wide range of products and services. Having worked in luxury retail myself I was very aware that a relatively small number of people can make a very big difference and in time of recession there are always opportunities somewhere and this was a natural extension to the databases we have built in recent years," said Rob Bielby CEO at MIG.

Around 1,000 people were invited to this event and the registration page was closed when the 500th RSVP was received and on the night over 450 people turned up for what was a very enjoyable evening. Oz Clarke and Charlie Womersley entertained and educated the crowd on some of the finer points of the evening's selected wines following the Champagne reception, followed by a catwalk fashion show and Stacey Solomon singing prior to her big event at Wembley before the FA cup final. Guests wandered and socialised amongst the exhibition items, watched film and video 'fly through' presentations and experienced a selection of the exclusive Oceans outdoor collections before being chauffeured home many as a courtesy of Bentley who hosted the evening.

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