'Coalition' Christmas managed by MIG


This year, more than ever, customer recruitment and re-activation budgets are tight and the prospect of making money from existing customer data is impossible due to restrictive permissions or policy perceptions.

Here's an idea MIG initially tested last year, that will be rolled out to millions of UK consumers this year which will change the way marketing is done during these dark days of depressed consumer spending. It is called Coalition Marketing. MIG are already engaged on a long term project to use it to add value to the DFS business but it is perhaps more clearly demonstrated using MIG's Coalition Christmas card.

The card (an ecard) is branded by the Data Controller and sent to consumers containing introductory offers from a range of coalition partners who have themselves submitted data and who are also sending their own ecard via MIG. The click thru from the card takes the consumer into a pre-populated web form which requests the consumer’s permission to pass their details on to the retailer they have selected the deal from.

The recipient retailer only receives new customers they don't know, as the clever bit, managed by MIG, is the de-duping of customers they already have prior to the initial sends. The wider range of Christmas gifts results in a more attractive offer being sent to lapsed or dormant customers of the 'Data Controller' which both helps clean or check their data and create a more positive perception in the eyes of the consumer which in turn, helps to re-activate them as the star offer on each card is that of the Data Controller themselves.

Daniel Haine, who has recently joined MIG as Sales Director and previously helped found off-line data pools at Abacus and Transactis, said "MIG has all of the components needed to carry out this sophisticated but simple marketing solution. For most it will be self funded re-activation as they are able to derive a lead generation income from their own data, previously denied them due to lack of 3rd party permissions which will mean they are able to gain revenue from lapsed or dormant data."

MIG claims to do three things for its clients - grow customer numbers and revenue; reduce marketing costs; derive an incremental revenue from existing data equivalent to £1 per record per annum. For those looking for that extra special gift this Christmas, especially with significant databases might be well advised to ask Dan to be Santa's little helper this year.

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