MIG launches IP Support


The Marketing Innovation Group has launched a website promoting its new suite of services to support insolvency practitioners in dealing with the legal minefield that surrounds customer data in insolvent businesses.

When a company enters administration, the Administrator becomes the ‘Data Controller’ for all personal data held within the business. As a result, the Administrator has certain responsibilities for personal data under the Data Protection Act.

The Administrator is personally liable for any breaches under the Act with sanctions enforceable by the Information Commissioner including criminal convictions, fines of up to £500,000 and information/assessment notices. MIG provides a comprehensive, cost-effective service to insolvency practitioners to protect IPs from any data-related redress and to increase value or realisation. Services encompass managing risks for the insolvency practitioner against breaches of the Data Protection Act, enhancing the intangible asset for future usage or onward sale and the utilisation of the data asset during the administration.

For more information, please visit the new website at www.ipsupport.uk.com

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