Coalitions of the willing - and successful


Coalitions of the willing - and successful

Large numbers of totally new customer contacts, plus crucial cost, time and brand advantages, come from co-marketing with like-minded partners, as Crew Clothing's Iain MacDonald can confirm.

Niche companies are then free to focus on what they do best - delivering quality.

The route is MIG's Coalition Marketing, designed for single companies to benefit from millions of customer emails that generate thousands of new leads and hot introductions in key retail sectors.

'Our initial results are great,' says Iain, Multichannel Marketing Director for the clothing line that is a brand-leader at John Lewis. 'I'm very impressed with this novel approach to online acquisition.'

United we sell
Most specialists excel at delivering in niche sectors but struggle to make new customer contacts. MIG's logic is why duplicate the effort of other non-competitive companies that share the same demographics and marketing goals?

Pooling information - with the added momentum of MIG's powerful 12 million Customer Club transaction consumer records - is proving more lucrative.

Importantly, each Coalition Marketing campaign company benefits not just its own contacts but also from those of every other member. This multiplier makes the initiative extremely cost-effective in reaching the potential customers that firms working alone cannot reach.

An additional bonus is that many lapsed customers are reactivated by a wider offer - on average 2% per campaign.

Ready for Christmas 2013?
With summer approaching fast, it is time to plan for Christmas. Coalition Marketing's major pre-Christmas campaigns will reach out to very extensive, well-managed databases.

But with much more activity before then throughout the rest of 2013, Crew Clothing is a keen advocate of Coalition Marketing's methods and results.

As Iain MacDonald explains, 'Coalition Marketing delivered valuable new customers as expected, plus the bonus of good reactivation from our own database. By pooling our data openly we all benefit'.

Jig-saw pieces
Single companies cannot supply everything; customers buy from many sources too.

By sharing data, your chosen partners also invite their customers to take up your offer. The overall offer is much stronger.

You pay a small fee, or bounty for each new lead BUT your partners pay you a similar reward for leads stemming from your contacts.

Although each email campaign is integrated, it is also closely-tailored to your brand guidelines. Your sign-off is required before transmission.

Further, MIG ensures quality email delivery, comprehensive updates and re-sends. We also report swiftly on new and reactivated customers so that you can respond quickly.

Finally, we capture contact details of people accessing offers and pass these to you directly.

Compliant and competent
One further significant advantage is that MIG's automated system can handle millions of emails competently whilst also meeting all legal compliances - our operational methodology means that a third-party opt-in for data use is not necessary.

MIG also has vast experience in managing and delivering multiple campaigns with complex offers and tight deadlines and regularly designs, builds and executes multi-party campaigns.

Statistically, of the 4.4 million emails sent out recently, 44% of clicks were on a company's own offer, 15% were on other offers, 41% were from Customer Club contact data and 9% clicked on more than one offer.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to a highly-bespoke campaign. Book early for Christmas!

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