MIG develops suite of websites for Hilco UK


Sunday, 22 August 2010 14:42

Hilco is a global leader in the restructuring of businesses in the retail and commercial sectors. Early in 2010, the company recognised the need to combine the various operational aspects of the business into a single modern branded marketing platform.

As part of this process, MIG was invited to design, build and host a new suite of Hilco websites. Working closely with the senior management team, MIG managed all aspects of the process from concept to design, build, test and launch.

Three sites were established, each of which were linked by a common branded theme and each of which had an associated CMS to enable certain aspects of the site to be controlled by Hilco marketing staff.


Moneypenny select the MIG email platform


Wednesday, 30 June 2010 11:08

Moneypenny provides businesses of all sizes with remote PA and receptionist facilities and as the UK’s market leader has been looking after business calls since 2000. Over this time, Moneypenny has developed a well deserved reputation for consistently high levels of service and an innovative approach.

As part of a competitive pitch, MIG presented and demonstrated the e-MSG2 email platform. The requirement was for the Moneypenny team to be self-managed. It was therefore essential that the platform was easy to use and easy to understand enabling operators to move from novice user to expert rapidly.

The MIG email platform is recognised as being world-class; however, it was the level of support and expertise demonstrated by the MIG service team which proved to be the most important factor in winning the pitch.

The relationship with Moneypenny includes regular best practice workshops. MIG is also involved in providing strategic and tactical advice plus design and build services to Moneypenny as and when required.

For more information or to set up a demonstration of e-MSG2 please contact Gemma Duggleby on 0800 031 9679 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Cargo Home Shopping appoint MIG as strategic marketing partner


Monday, 21 June 2010 17:04

Cargo Home Shopping is part of the Steinhoff UK group which includes Bensons for Beds, Harveys and Homestyle.

Following discussions with the Cargo Board, MIG was appointed to undertake an in-depth review of the current customer database and all marketing activity across online and offline channels.

Using all sources of customer information available, MIG rapidly developed a Complete Customer View. This provided the management team at Cargo with invaluable insight into the behaviour of individual customers in terms of their communications and product references, their purchasing patterns, life time value to the business and the most appropriate communications strategy moving forward.

As part of an ongoing relationship, the MIG professional services team works closely with Cargo to provide operational improvements in communications, customer data capture and the effectiveness of the Cargo store card.

MIG hosts, manages and process all customer information for Cargo and provides key management information at weekly and monthly intervals.


MIG working with Habitat across Europe


Terence Conran created a revolutionary store concept, offering 'young moderns' a democratic ideal of contemporary design at affordable prices. Shopping as entertainment, furniture and home accessories from all over the world, mixing the love of one’s home with the joy of colour, food, art and all the good things in life – Habitat had created what we now call Lifestyle.

Habitat as a brand has flourished and evolved with collections that mirror the changing fashions and lifestyles of its customers.

A passion for creating beautiful, functional products designed and manufactured by Habitat, which means the company have control over all aspects, both creatively and technically, to translate concepts into reality.

The Habitat business now operates in four countries - the UK, France, Germany and Spain. The management team at Habitat recognised the need to rationalise the customer contact strategy to encompass a more direct and digital approach to maintaining customer and prospect targeting.

MIG was commissioned to provide a wide range of database, insight, direct marketing, digital and
e-commerce marketing services which will evolve over time to provide Habitat with one of the most powerful marketing processes in the retail market.

MIG operate as an integrated part of the Habitat business at a strategic consultative and tactical execution level.


Pukka Herbs select iNews platform


Monday, 22 March 2010 11:20

Pukka Herbs was founded in 2001 with a passion for promoting well-being and providing 100% organic Ayurvedic herbal remedies and teas. The company prides itself on running an ethical business in terms of source of supply and the relationships developed with customers.

MIG was introduced to Pukka Herbs when they were examining different ways of maintaining quality contact with their customers. After discussing their requirements it was decided that newsletters and therefore iNews (the MIG newsletter platform) should be considered as a part of the marketing mix.

After a demonstration and training, Pukka Herbs now use iNews as an integrated part of their marketing effort.

For more information or to set up a demonstration of iNews please contact Gemma Duggleby on 01565 653000 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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