Arco appoint MIG


Arco are the UK's market leading supplier in the safety and workwear sector providing a huge range of over 22,000 products through a network of 41 regional branches and online.

MIG has been tasked with devising and implementing a CRM strategy using MIG's Customer Farming process to increase the market penetration of product ranges within key customer groups. This involves a combination of data analytics, campaign and contact strategy and campaign delivery.

This initial piece of work is the first stage of a Customer Engagement programme across all sectors in the long term for Arco who operate in over 100 countries.

MIG launches IP Support


The Marketing Innovation Group has launched a website promoting its new suite of services to support insolvency practitioners in dealing with the legal minefield that surrounds customer data in insolvent businesses.

When a company enters administration, the Administrator becomes the ‘Data Controller’ for all personal data held within the business. As a result, the Administrator has certain responsibilities for personal data under the Data Protection Act.

The Administrator is personally liable for any breaches under the Act with sanctions enforceable by the Information Commissioner including criminal convictions, fines of up to £500,000 and information/assessment notices. MIG provides a comprehensive, cost-effective service to insolvency practitioners to protect IPs from any data-related redress and to increase value or realisation. Services encompass managing risks for the insolvency practitioner against breaches of the Data Protection Act, enhancing the intangible asset for future usage or onward sale and the utilisation of the data asset during the administration.

For more information, please visit the new website at

Avoiding email fatigue


With an increase in email marketing there is a question of how frequently emails should be sent to maintain customer engagement and interest. Companies want to keep their customers up-to-date but at what point does the customer turn-off? What is the balance between frequency and staying fresh? Unfortunately, many companies fail to recognise the symptoms of email fatigue until a large amount of their database has been lost.

An article by marketing veteran Dave Lewis, in 2009 identified the process that a customer may go through: "You've ordered from a company a few times during the course of a year, and now that you are on their general subscriber list, you are receiving weekly, or even daily, emails from them. In the beginning, you open each one, but since most of the emails aren't of interest to you, and they come so frequently, you start to ignore them. Whether or not you are still interested in their products, you are becoming disengaged with the brand because of the irrelevance and frequency of their messaging - not the quality or usefulness of their products, necessarily. After a while, you have to delete a chunk of email from this company whenever you check your inbox. And eventually, you decide that the time has come to unsubscribe or hit the spam button and take care of the problem permanently." This of course can be adapted to the B2B environment too.

MIG specialise in utilising customer databases to inform customer engagement. Combining email statistics with customer behaviour will provide all the information you need to optimise email marketing. For example, past email activity and customer responses can be analysed and determine the optimum number of emails an individual responds too before they lose interest.

It is likely that you have access to all this information and data but it has not yet been integrated. MIG can help you create that Complete Customer View. If you would like to know how please contact client services on 0800 031 9679 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


MIG turns up the heat on Ideal loyalty programme


MIG has won a substantial contract to design, develop,manage and launch a loyalty programme for Ideal Heating, one of the UK's largest consumer and commercial central heating boiler manufacturers. MIG will host all data associated with the programme, providing a seamless online experience for all members of the scheme, from initial registration through to points allocation and reward redemption all of which are managed online. The automated online management system also provides Ideal's marketers with full real time reporting. The programme will launch at the Installer Live event at the NEC in October.


'Coalition' Christmas managed by MIG


This year, more than ever, customer recruitment and re-activation budgets are tight and the prospect of making money from existing customer data is impossible due to restrictive permissions or policy perceptions.

Here's an idea MIG initially tested last year, that will be rolled out to millions of UK consumers this year which will change the way marketing is done during these dark days of depressed consumer spending. It is called Coalition Marketing. MIG are already engaged on a long term project to use it to add value to the DFS business but it is perhaps more clearly demonstrated using MIG's Coalition Christmas card.

The card (an ecard) is branded by the Data Controller and sent to consumers containing introductory offers from a range of coalition partners who have themselves submitted data and who are also sending their own ecard via MIG. The click thru from the card takes the consumer into a pre-populated web form which requests the consumer’s permission to pass their details on to the retailer they have selected the deal from.

The recipient retailer only receives new customers they don't know, as the clever bit, managed by MIG, is the de-duping of customers they already have prior to the initial sends. The wider range of Christmas gifts results in a more attractive offer being sent to lapsed or dormant customers of the 'Data Controller' which both helps clean or check their data and create a more positive perception in the eyes of the consumer which in turn, helps to re-activate them as the star offer on each card is that of the Data Controller themselves.

Daniel Haine, who has recently joined MIG as Sales Director and previously helped found off-line data pools at Abacus and Transactis, said "MIG has all of the components needed to carry out this sophisticated but simple marketing solution. For most it will be self funded re-activation as they are able to derive a lead generation income from their own data, previously denied them due to lack of 3rd party permissions which will mean they are able to gain revenue from lapsed or dormant data."

MIG claims to do three things for its clients - grow customer numbers and revenue; reduce marketing costs; derive an incremental revenue from existing data equivalent to £1 per record per annum. For those looking for that extra special gift this Christmas, especially with significant databases might be well advised to ask Dan to be Santa's little helper this year.

For more information please contact Gemma Duggleby on 0800 031 9679 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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