Complete Customer View

Complete Customer View

complete customer view, bathtub analysis, data audit, cross-sell and up-sell, communications analysis

Possessing a complete view of customer and prospect activity is a critical success factor for any business. It is no longer enough to have some knowledge of the buying patterns of individual customers. It is essential to understand every aspect of a customer’s unique behaviour including their response to marketing communications enabling you to turn customer data into a truly strategic asset.

Such understanding drives relevance into all customer communications activity ensuring you deliver meaningful marketing messages using the appropriate channel, at the most effective time. By understanding as much as possible about your customers, one to one communication becomes feasible with all communications activity being tailored around the unique requirements of each individual, maximising the potential from each customer touch point.

MIG’s Customer Insight Team is a blend of marketing practitioners, data analysts, direct digital marketing experts and a state of the art data analytics suite that gives our clients true insight into how marketing, revenue and profit objectives can be met.

Practical analytics to support your business

Data audit: using your customer and communications data, MIG will carry out a complete audit of your customer data from all available online and offline sources. This will involve a number of site visits and meetings with key stakeholders to help us identify potential solution pathways and to roadmap future activity.

Complete customer view: a full customer model will be developed giving you a complete view of who your customers are, product and channel preferences, what they buy and when, as well as their responses to communications activity. From this analysis, you will be able to target people or businesses providing the most profitable growth potential based on full lifetime value.

Bath tub analysis: this provides you with an ongoing view of how each individual customer is currently performing. It establishes clearly the purchasing patterns associated with each individual customer illustrating whether they have lapsed, are dormant or active. This knowledge helps to drive activity to reduce churn, improve retention and build loyalty.

Cross-sell and up-sell: individual related products or product associations are categorised to help identify product combinations individual customers are most likely to buy. This is used to drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by creating blended marketing programmes aimed at selling the associated products in combination.

Communications analysis: takes results from all communications activity and produces a conversion/performance matrix. This provides us with a clear understanding of how marketing campaigns impact on individual customer behaviour leading to constant refining of communications activity.


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