10 things that every business should know about its customers

One of the best ways of evolving strategies to attract new customers is to take an in-depth look at the customers you already have. How well do you know your customers? Unless a business knows their customers inside out and is able to put their needs and desires first they will not get very far in attracting new ones.

A. Businesses often ask us to help them get new customers and we often answer, what's wrong with the ones you've already got?

This is a great start point to review what you already have and how you can begin the build of a 'customer journey'.

B. Businesses often tell us they 'love' their customers but rarely do we see evidence that they even want to know who they are.

What steps have you taken to ensure that you know who your customers are and systematically capture data on them including transaction data so that you can engage with them 'intelligently'?

C. When sales are down and struggling, businesses often wonder who the customers who used to buy from them are, or where they came from?

Without that knowledge the only way to get them back is probably to advertise in a general way i.e. spend more money to get them back again, further unnecessary expense.

Have you considered how to 'lock-in' future business and have you recognised how to 're-activate' customers?

Can you answer the following ten questions about your customers?

Pondering the answers may give some very useful insights.

  1. How many customers do you have?- strangely lots of businesses have no idea or have to guess, working to target numbers actually is the most effective step in sales forecasting.
  2. If you exclude those who haven't bought recently say the last 6 months, how many are left?
  3. What percentage of your customers bought only once?
  4. How often and by what means do you communicate with your customers? - don't assume they'll see an advert or read a poster.
  5. Everybody says word of mouth is the best form of customer recruitment, how much have you budgeted this year to support 'word of mouth'?
  6. After 'word of mouth' what is your next most successful form of customer recruitment?
  7. How do you systematically re-activate lapsed customers?
  8. How could you re-engineer your offer so they don't lapse?
  9. How satisfied are your customers, compared to last week, last month, last year?- do you systematically ask and benchmark the results?
  10. How much do your customers spend with your competitors?

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