Complete Customer View takes Single Customer View to new level

It's a hot topic and retailers in particular are catching on. It’s the process of gathering all customer data into one place so that it is possible to build up a picture of the customer that provides contact details and pattern of purchase. Knowing what people buy, when and where they buy and then having the details to contact them is in essence single customer view. But only MIG helps retailers to deliver the Complete Customer View (CCV).

Complete Customer View is everything that a single customer view is but more. More detailed, more sophisticated, more customers, more media and more capable of delivering sales growth.

Here at MIG we’ve been banging the drum for quite a while and our customers are beginning to see the results. Over the past three months, one significant retailer and the team here at MIG have been working together to build up a picture of their CCV.

The information has enabled the retailer to analyse and corroborate certain trends within the data relating to customer purchase frequency, customer loyalty and multiple location customers online, and in-store, and the findings are already shaping marketing activity with individual customers being targeted based on their pattern of interaction. The tool used to gather the corroborating data is the MIG iSurvey platform which enables anyone with a database of email addresses to conduct a survey and to assess the results in full, real time. Just one example where the retailer is able to put data to work is in the answer to the question; would you recommend us to a friend to which 95.6% said yes; and this from a target sample running into thousands of customers.

What a powerful loyalty message that is!

Evidence led marketing is the most cost-effective marketing a company can embark on but it means having the foresight to adopt a serious data strategy in the first place. Retailers analyse their business real time and can tell you which location is doing what at any given time but that is only half of the equation. Trading data is ‘need to know,’ but what use is knowledge if you cannot do anything with it? Of greater importance is the ability to do something about it if you need to. The ability to communicate real time with specific individuals is available to every business.

Recently Retail Week published an article by a leading retail CEO which stated that the strategy of his company moving forward was to speak with more people. But it’s not about more people, it is about the right people at the right time with the right product proposition. Targeting random audiences is the antithesis of CCV. Our aim here at MIG is to help you communicate with the people who want to communicate with you.

The answer is Complete Customer View and if you would like to find out more details please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it tel 0800 031 9679.

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